In today’s environment, suppliers are finding it more and more difficult to deliver price quotes to new customers as many builders have become overwhelmed with their data management systems and struggle in handling additional pricing data from new suppliers.  The Keystone Exchange eliminates any database management on the part of the builder and allows new suppliers to be considered for a job immediately.  

Vendors are linked to builders via a universal database, Keystone Exchange

Through the Keystone Exchange suppliers have direct access to builders and can enter product and pricing data on a continual and unsolicited basis. All information is maintained in password protected accounts providing strict confidentiality for all parties.

Supplier & Trades Benefits

  • Access to new builders
  • Detailed purchase orders containing all the essential specifics 
  • Maintain control of all pricing data
  • Eliminates resolution costs of unclear or incorrect purchase orders
  • Improved communication streamlining the job flow

Itemized Unit Pricing in Lieu of Plan Bids

Builders have traditionally depended on trades and suppliers to provide turnkey plan bids for many segments of the construction project. This process is cumbersome as it requires excessive communication relative to plan design, specifications, scope of work, etc. The process becomes even more complicated when the original plan must be continually modified to accommodate today’s demanding consumer.

The Keystone Exchange provides a unit takeoff service for trade costs that are traditionally managed by turnkey plan bids. All possible units of work are identified and posted online where they can be quoted without any additional information. The Keystone Purchase Order conveys all essential specifics with full consideration of customer options and selections. 

Watch how simple it is to setup a new account!

"The Keystone Exchange provides complete product descriptions that are clearly understood by everyone. Purchase Orders created by them give the complete message as to what is being ordered eliminating any need to call for further clarification. Processing is greatly simplified and there are few if any field issues resulting from misunderstood information."
Vickey Washington, 84 Lumber, Augusta, GA

Roger Manor.png
“Unit or component pricing instead of plan bidding allows us to provide accurate quotes for a builder’s entire portfolio almost instantly. A single uniform pricing system for all builders simplifies the process and creates savings that can be passed along to our customers. Detailed Purchase Orders greatly reduce field issues for all parties involved."

Roger Manor, P&M Elecrical