The Purchase Order has become the standard document for job site cost control.  All material and labor units are identified and documented on purchase orders, which are issued to suppliers prior to the beginning of each construction project.  The field manager takes action to compel the construction process to comply with the documented plan. Variances are analyzed and measures are taken to reduce their occurrence in the future.  This system has become the standard desired by most builders today.

PO Clarity

Normalized product descriptions optimizes purchase order clarity

The vast majority of builders today do not have systems that can produce properly itemized purchase orders.  Product descriptions are typically inadequate and lack the essential specifics of what is being ordered.  This lack of PO clarity promotes poor trade and supplier performance requiring costly resolution in the form of changes orders, reworks, returns, credits, rebills, etc.

The Keystone Exchange maintains a comprehensive database of all products and services necessary for the construction process.  All descriptions are standardized and clearly understood by all parties.  All purchase orders are fully defined eliminating any need for further clarification. 

Fully Itemized PO

all purchase orders have complete unit takeoffs

Builders have traditionally depended on trades and suppliers to provide turnkey plan bids for many segments of the construction project.  This process is cumbersome for all involved, as it requires excessive communication regarding plan design, specifications, scope of work, etc.  The process becomes even more complicated when the original plan must be continually modified to accommodate today’s demanding consumer.

Keystone provides unit takeoffs for trade costs that are traditionally managed by lump sum plan bids. Builders and trade contractors are able to eliminate the cumbersome plan review process.  All possible work units are identified and expressed in industry standard terms conveying all essential specifics of exactly what is being ordered.

Purchase Orders generated through Keystone contain all the parts and pieces necessary!

Jeff Utz.png
"The Keystone Exchange gives us access to update builder files 24/7. Purchase orders they generate are clear and usually reflect our SKU numbers. All information is fully definitive, eliminating any need to contact the builder’s office for any further clarification. Site visits to resolve ambiguity are simply not necessary. The Keystone Exchange is an effective tool in streamlining processes and creating efficiency.”
Jeff Utz, Sales Representative, Builders First Source
“Unit or component pricing instead of plan bidding allows us to provide accurate quotes for a builder’s entire portfolio almost instantly. A single uniform pricing system for all builders simplifies the process and creates savings that can be passed along to our customers. Detailed Purchase Orders greatly reduce field issues for all parties involved.”
Roger Manor, Owner, P&M Electrical