New Prospect screen

Streamline your sales process using Keystone’s fully automated sales management application.  Keystone offers all the tools necessary for you to manage new leads more effectively with prospect specific notes and automated follow-up functions for higher conversion rates.  Also, track advertising effectiveness and Realtor participation to maximize your marketing dollars.

Keystone Sales is a fully automated management function that allows your sales personnel to automate the entire sales process.  All floor plans, elevations, options, upgrades and colors are selected by your customer with the simple click of a mouse.  Dynamic contracts are automatically created with all selections fully accommodated.

Lots, floor plans, options and selections are all chosen online and fully integrated into the contract generation process and purchase order issuance.

Keep your sales staff organized, efficient, connected, and informed with...

  • Online and mobile ready lead capture
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Administrator controls
  • Customized reports
  • Marketing tracking
  • Standardized sales ratings (A, B & C)
  • Logged contact history and notes
  • Integrated model maintenance & Subdivision data
  • Status tracking
  • Automated Contract Writer

...all fully integrated with your purchase order system.