Keystone is not a vendor of any software package from which you build and maintain your own management system. In fact, Keystone is not a vendor of anything, but rather a provider of online management solutions for builders, suppliers and manufacturers, that provides a level of benefit that is simply not achievable in locally hosted back office systems.  Our philosophy is that a system that digitally connects the plan drawing detail to all aspects of home building, from sales, to purchasing, to scheduling, saves time, money and reduces construction errors.  Rather than piecing together various modules from several software companies, Keystone offers a single integrated solution.

Keystone Exchange

At the hub of our system is the Keystone Exchange, a centralized platform where builders, suppliers, trades and manufacturers come together to transact business more efficiently. A comprehensive product and services database using industry normalized descriptions is fully maintained by trades and suppliers. Normalization allows for the entry of builder specific pricing from an infinite number of suppliers on a continuous and unsolicited basis. All information is maintained in private builder specific password protected accounts providing strict confidentially for all parties. The Keystone Exchange fully integrates builders, suppliers, trades and manufacturers into one system, eliminating all back office database management.

 "The adoption of a single centralized platform, using fully normalized transaction data, will bring about efficiency never before imagined in the Industry”
V. Earl Dickinson Jr.,  Founder, Keystone Exchange

 Automated Purchase Orders

Complete job specific purchase order sets may be automatically compiled from our Intelligent CAD application. Product and service normalization allows every purchase order to convey all essential specifics, bringing purchase order clarity to its optimum level. Keystone’s automated shopping function continually assures each builder member of obtaining the best supplier available for each and every purchase order issued.


Complete purchase orders in less  than 30-minutes

Operational Benefits

  • Fully automated purchase orders
  • Full supplier and trade integration
  • No IT system to manage 
  • Customer Selections expanded and simplified
  • Eliminate costly lump sum plan bids

Implementation Benefits

  • No binding commitment or contract
  • No cumbersome set-up and implementation
  • Unobtrusive to the current system with the ability to "test" while maintaining current system

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