Today’s modern consumer is more demanding than ever before. The Keystone Selections application allows builders to modify customer offerings in seconds with a simple click of the mouse. Thousands of choices are available, fully priced for your customer with the builder’s margin automatically included.

Keystone provides a modern shopping experience through a builder branded customer specific selection portal.  Project specific selections are setup directly from project takeoff data.  Each selection item has a direct link to the manufacturers website for immediate product information and detail.  All customer choices are itemized on an addendum and automatically integrated into the Purchase Order application.

Check out the video below and see how the Customer Selections Application works.


“The Keystone Exchange allows us to enter component parts for any kitchen layout. Once this is done, the builder can instantly view our pricing and automatically quote customers an infinite number of styles, materials, and finishes. The Keystone Exchange can drastically reduce processing time while taking customer service to a new level.”

Roger James,                                  Owner, Better Kitchens

Leverage Keystone Technology for Superior Customer Service