Keystone maintains a comprehensive product and services database for centralized use by builders, suppliers and manufacturers.  Hundreds of thousands of products and service units are catalogued for the automated compilation and issuance of purchase orders.  All descriptions are Normalized to meet Industry standards and are clearly understood by all parties.  Normalized descriptions convey the essential specifics of what is being ordered, bringing purchase order clarity to an optimum level. 

An Exchange database must be significantly large to accommodate industry-wide normalization

The Keystone Exchange maintains unique password protected trade portals for each and every vendor member.  Builder specific pricing information is maintained by an infinite number of trades and suppliers on a proactive and unsolicited basis.  All information is confidential and accessed by builders through private, password-protected accounts.  Database management on the part of the builder is essentially eliminated as supplier and trade participation expands exponentially.

 “The adoption of a single centralized platform, using fully normalized transaction data, brings about efficiency never before imagined in the industry.”
V. Earl Dickinson Jr., Founder, Keystone Exchange
Gene McDonald.png

“Being an on your own lot builder we build in many different locations and therefore do not have regular subs. The Purchase Orders compiled by the Keystone Exchange fully define the task so a first time sub performs accurately and effectively. The competitive shopping feature can save us more than 10% on construction costs and our customers love the KX Selections Feature.”

Gene McDonald, CVA Builders